A Stunning Range of Banksy Art For Sale

Banksy art is our best sellers of all time. Avanti Wall Art specialises in bringing you the finest artworks for your home. Our range of Banksy prints captures the work of this incendiary British graffiti artist in a variety of high-quality, gorgeous prints. His work is found all around the globe, from New York to London, and throughout the major cities of the world.

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Looking for affordable wall arts? You have come to the best place to order canvas prints, as we aim to make these Banksy street arts it affordable for everyone to enjoy works of art in their home. Our selection of prints features a range of dimensions to match the space available.

If you ever feel that your walls are closing in on you or that the walls are flat and do not exude the warm and comfortable feeling of a home; then it is time to acquire some art. While some paintings are beautiful and match the interior décor, they might not be the right selection for you. Although the phrase ‘a picture is a thousand words’ may sound a bit cliché, it holds a deeper meaning. Often, people tend to disregard the real significance of the age-old saying.

Banksy, a recluse artistic genius, possess a unique talent for creating paintings that are not only beautiful but inspire thoughts, question and push people to examine issues at a deeper level.

Although he started out as a graffiti artist in the streets, Banksy rose to international fame by employing satire when depicting everyday life situations in the form of art. The talented artist’s masterpieces allow the people to examine the social and political issues ailing the modern day society and at times contain a nugget of wisdom or encouragement.

All Banksy art contains a hidden meaning that gets people sitting up and taking notice. Hence, if you are looking to create a unique ambiance at your home or office, this type of art will make the right choice.Made by stencils, each piece of Banksy art is different, unique and more thought-provoking than the previous one. Banksy stands a head above his contemporaries and having his paintings in your premises will attest to your taste and style.

The value of Banksy art has increased significantly; with pieces such as Keep it Spotless, selling for almost two million dollars in 2008. Because of the high value and demand for such beautiful pieces, there are many fake pieces on the market.

There are many, possibly millions of artworks that are attributed Banksy on the Internet and a vast majority of them are fake. Be sure to acquire Banksy art from reliable dealers. Reputable dealers only stock merchandises that have undergone certification by Pest Control, Banksy’s aptly named authentication body.

After buying a genuine Banksy art, be sure to display it in a safe and secure place. The thought-provoking nature of the artworks requires them to have a big audience. As such, be sure to put them in a location with high traffic there this masterpiece is the perfect canvas artwork for living room as well as the reception area. The value of Banksy art depends on the scarcity, size, and the popularity of the piece. It is therefore of utmost importance to keep your pieces safe from unsavory characters.

Faithful reproductions of some of Banksy’s most famous artwork

Banksy is well-known for his provocative paintings and our selection brings this aesthetic from the street to your home. Choose from a range that includes Banksy Balloon Girl, Churchill Turf War, Child Soldier, and many more, each capturing the rebellious spirit of the original.

Five reasons why you need a Banksy

Employing fantastic stencil art and reflective imagery, Banksy captures the imagination and interest of activists, graffiti artists and art lovers across the globe. The mystery surrounding his identity and his refusal to embrace the social media platforms only serves to fuel the intrigue. Media outlets across the world, in addition to highlighting Banksy’s insightful artistic capabilities, go through great pain trying to uncover his identity.

With magnificent murals displaying in many cities in the world, Banksy immortalizes the pressing political and social issues. His artistic talents prompt everyone to stop and examine issues at a deeper level. Here are some of the unique feature of the world famous Banksy art.

  • They set moral boundaries

In most of his pieces, the famous artist provokes thoughtfulness about the perversion of evil in the society. For instance, the depiction of a hitchhiking killer Charles Manson on a London subway holds different interpretations. It serves to remind travelers that evil lurks behind any corner and pushes them to think about their safety.

  • They teach valuable lessons

In the world where people often forget to walk their talk, Banksy art serves as a reminder about the need to streamline the conduct of the society. In a London’s mural, the internationally acclaimed artist brings to light the contradiction between the expected human behavior and their actual behavior. The artist reminds humanity that actions speak louder than words. And that hypocrisy breeds an unfit society.

  •  They urge people to remember their roots

In a satirical Los Angeles mural, Banksy created a masterpiece that depicts a cave dweller carrying a fast food combo. The artist in his special way chides the residents for their affinity for unhealthy fatty meals with little or no nutritional value. It acts as a subtle reminder of how the human race has changed over the years, and the challenges that stem from these changes.

  • They have inspiration lessons 

In London, the graffiti master serves up an inspiration message that reminds the people that hope always triumphs over any loss. The mural depicts a little girl who has lost her balloon and bears an inscription “There is always hope”. The scene is a gentle reminder that urges people to remain positive instead of wallowing in their misery.

  • They speak out of evil leaders and leadership decisions

For instance, a Banksy art in San Francisco reminds people to remain fair and reasonable while solving problems. It also pushes people to question some decision made by their leaders.

Banksy: From Humble Beginnings to a Graffiti Master

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous artists of the twenty-first century, Banksy has refined the controversial art of stencil painting. By applying his artistic talents to creating masterpieces that take a satirical look at the issues affecting the society, Banksy carved a niche in the modern day art. Despite rising to international fame from humble beginnings as a member of a graffiti gang, Banksy real identity remains a significant source of speculation.

His pieces symbolize the modern day society, from hypocrisy, culture, corruption and politics, and ethical issues; the multi-talented artist finds a way to express it all in his drawings.

Believed to have started back in the 1990s, this relatively anonymous painter infuses his personality in all his drawing, which gives them a unique quality. He started out as a freehand graffiti artist in graffiti crew, and much of his early works formed part of the Bristol underground scene.

Hailing from Bristol, the artist gained prominence after adopting the use of stencils to spray paint striking and subversive images on public property. Occasionally, the images included anti- anarchism and anti-establishment slogans. The use of stencils came out of the necessity to reduce the amount of time it took to create a piece of graffiti.

The artist, who rarely grants interviews, admits that he adopted the art of stenciling after having a foray with the law enforcement officers. While on a mission to spray paint graffiti on a train car, the police showed up, and Banksy had to hide underneath a rubbish truck. Covered with engine oil but safe from the police officers, he noticed the serial numbers stenciled on the lorry’s chassis. That insightful moment marked the turning point of his career.

Banksy new technique allowed him to create many murals in Bristol, his hometown, and in London. As the number of his artistic pieces increased, his reputation grew as well. Currently, Banksy art adorns many walls in countries across the world including America, Australia, and even the West Bank. Many museums across the globe feature Bansky art and most pieces fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at art auctions.

While Banksy art is popular with the citizenry, many city authorities take exception to having overt political artworks on the streets and often remove new paintings.

Banksy believes graffiti brings the art and culture to the people without access to exclusive galleries and exhibitions where the beautiful art resides. The self-published artist has several books and a film under his belt.