How to Choose Which Style of Art is Right for You

Everybody enjoys some colour hung on their walls but deciding what type of art to hang can sometimes be troublesome! Well, fear no more, here’s a quick guide to the various styles of art that just might help you pick a great piece just for you.

A modern art movement, Surrealism, brings forth so many possibilities. It explores the creativity of the unconscious mind and provoking irrational idea by combining images that have no connection to one another. This style normally can be considered as dream-like. An artist you may have heard of in this genre is the very own Salvador Dali. Rene Schute shows similar characteristics in the painting to the left. If you like to see where your mind can take you creatively, this dream-like art is just the right place to begin.

Pop Art
One of the more modern styles of art is Pop Art and it is normally done by familiar celebrity. The artist takes the subject and creates a rather outlandish scenario. One of the most recognised artists of this genre is Andy Warhol. There are many Pop Artists around the world, so if this is your style it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right painting to ‘pop’ on your wall.



Realism is an art style that is easily distinguishable. This genre is known for artworks that are life like. Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelango fall into the categories of Realism Artists. A sub-category of Realism is Hyper Realism. This is when the subject is so detailed that it is hard to distinguish it as a painting instead of a photograph.

Sun of January Landscape Canvas PrintImpressionism
Impressionism is another style of art that draws many people in. Some well known artists of the genre are Claude Monet and Pierre Renoir. Most paintings, though not as detailed as Realism, show a realistic object. It is characterised by short, vibrant coloured strokes of paint that imply movement and light into objects.

Abstract art is known for it’s vibrant colours and unrealistic subjects. This style has no rhyme or reason, but yet, it is beautiful just the same.

And last but not least, is a genre that is close to Pablo Picasso’s heart. Expressionism is a type of painting that it vividly painted to express emotion and feeling. It normally has wildly exaggerated colour schemes and random brush strokes. If you like expressing emotion visually, then this style is for you!


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