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What type of canvas do you use?

The canvas we use on all our Premium items is 100% cotton 390 gsm (gram per square meter) canvas. We carefully select and import the best quality canvas to provide the best surface for our prints. The 100% cotton canvas is of the very highest quality and made to last.

What type of ink and printer do you use?

We use the best quality Epson printers and always use genuine Epson Ultrachrome pigment inks. This is extremely important when it comes to selecting printers and inks in order to achieve the best results. These are considered by many to be the best in the marketplace and the proof is in the prints when you see the strong, vibrant colours that leap off of the canvas.

Do the canvas prints come with frames?
The canvas prints are sold unframed. The canvas prints are stretched over a 32mm-thick kiln dried timber frame and are ready to hang including picture wire and felt protective bumpers on the back.

Do you offer framing or mounting service?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any framing or mounting service.

How are the canvas stretched on to a stretcher bar?
All Premium canvas is carefully hand stretched by real people in Australia over a profiled quality pine bar and securely stapled so that the canvas is secured over the bars. We then tape the edge of the canvas to the bar at the back to protect against dust, and insert stainless steel hanging wire and eyelets making your stretched canvas print ready to hang as soon as its delivered to your door.

This personal touch means that we ensure absolute premium quality for every part of the production process that the stretcher bars don’t have any flaws such as being warped or having knots. Our canvases will look, feel and last much better than any canvas made in China.

Do you mount on stretcher bars or MDF blocks?

For all our Premium products, our stretcher bars are:

  • 32mm in profile
  • Kiln-dried making our stretched canvas prints more sturdy and even less likely to warp over time
  • Bevelled edges to prevent cracking
  • Bevelled contour to prevent ‘ghosting’ – an impression of the canvas touching the stretcher bar

The first thing to consider is whether or not it’s been kiln dried. Woodframe bevel is a porous material which means it absorbs water. When it absorbs water, the wood expands and as it dries it shrinks. All this expanding and shrinking causes the wood to warp over time, much like the pages of a book that get wet – they irreparably ripple. Kiln dried wood is protected from warping and this means you don’t have a canvas unevenly sitting on your wall.

The next thing to consider is the quality of the wood used. Low quality wood is likely to crack over time, or break if the canvas is dropped. We use wood that does not leach tannins (tannic acid).

Then there’s the shape of the bars themselves. A bad example is the use of “Square” bars which rest against the back of the canvas and over time create a visible impression. To prevent this we use bevelled stretcher bars, which are slightly cut away on the side that faces the canvas so that the only contact point on the facing side is on the very very edge – and NOT the entire width of the stretcher bar. This edge is also rounded off so the canvas doesn’t stretch over a sharp, 90 degree angled frame edge.

We use Sustainable Plantation New Zealand Pine Kiln Dried with a routed lip, bought from a major Australian picture framing supplier, this is then glued and underpinned in house.

Then there’s the physical depth (profile) of the stretcher bar. A stretcher bar that is very small will not sit out from the wall, losing the depth that a canvas print or painting would normally have. We use 32mm thick stretcher bars, what we think is the optimal depth for canvas printing.

Do you laminate the canvas prints to protect against weathering?laminate

We provide FREE laminate on all our Premium stretched canvas prints. And to maximize protection while keeping colors rich while minimizing any
unwanted glossy sheen as the results of cheaper laminate, we carefully select the laminates. A lot of other canvas printers will avoid paying for quality laminates and cut drying time by skipping this step. This process is included in our price for free as to us it is an absolute necessity to deliver good laminate.

Unlaminated canvas prints are like fences without sealants. Not only do they look unfinished but also they will only last a lot less than it should. The laminate we use is a liquid coating that is sprayed onto the face of the printed canvas providing a waterproof sealant that will protect it from harmful things such as dirt, dust, liquids and UV rays. It cannot be seen but it is fighting every day to keep your canvas looking its best for many years to come.

Do you offer international delivery?

Currently, we offer international delivery to United States and United Kingdom only.

Note: The processing time for US and UK orders can take up to 15 business days.

What is the turnaround time for the delivery?

Depending on your location, the delivery of Premium products typically takes 2 – 10 business days to your door since your order is dispatched.

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