Choosing Canvas Prints for your Home

Adding canvas prints to your home is an affordable way to decorate. They come in all shapes and sizes and come in more prints than you can imagine so you have so many options. These options can help you make a small room bigger, a bigger room cozier, and—you get what we mean.

Below are some of the best ways to dress up your home using canvas prints.
First off, the basics:

Optical Illusion
Use any canvas print to give the illusion of spaciousness in your house. This will be especially helpful for those of you who have smaller spaces they would like to maximize and manage. To give a room with a low ceiling some height, stick to a vertical canvas print. Stay away from bloc colored prints, the blocking will cut off more of the vertical space making the ceiling look even lower. The same is true if you want to give your space the illusion of being wider. Stick to a wide canvas with colors that aren’t cut off.

Majestic SwanLet there be Light
Choose the colors on your print according to the amount of natural lighting that comes into the room. If there’s lots of natural light coming into the room, you can add dark printed canvas prints. When the natural light is limited, stick to light colors to avoid making the room even smaller.


Now that we’ve got the basics down, here are some tips on the types of canvas print styles you should choose for the rooms of your home.

Living Room
The living room is where you’ll want to put an eye catching piece. It can serve as a conversation starter for when you entertain guests. It is important that while this piece is big and attention-grabbing that it should tie into the design of the space. Especially if there are no walls separating several rooms from the living room, like the dining room and kitchen, the piece should be able to tie into the other design elements in other rooms.

BedroomBondi Beach Panoramic canvas print
The bedroom is a great place to hang canvas prints that have meaning to you. Canvas prints of family pictures for example could add a sense of warmth and coziness to your bedroom. For the bedroom any kind of print that you prefer is okay, but watch out for the colors. Avoid colors that stimulate (red, orange, neons) and stick to color palettes that soothe and relax (blue, lavender, light green).

The kitchen is a great place to hang canvas prints of food photography. You can even have your grandma’s best recipes printed on canvas and then hang it on your kitchen walls!

by Avanti Wall Art

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